COVID-19 Check In


Me: I am feeling anxious; constantly having to shake the thought (after speaking to an elder over the phone), "Will I see them again?" 

I've been able to connect with family over virtual platforms; spend my time with my daughters (yes, I have 3 of them! MOM SQUAD!); appreciating everything and everyone in my life.

4/20 ALL MONTH LONG; Virtual Sessions almost on a daily basis; and missing the physical presence of friends and family. A freakin world pandemic. These are certainly strange times, but I am hopeful for brighter days through all of this darkness. 

It's been a long time coming, wanting to publish a blog to speak to the community, sharing stories, sharing the positive that exists in the world within all walks of life. It's a daily challenge to stay positive, considering all of the distractions around.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

I hope that each and every one of you reading this post is staying as safe as possible; taking the best care of yourself possible.

If you find it in your heart, check in on close friends, family members and neighbors. ESPECIALLY THE ELDERS.

I am going to drop a note on our blog once weekly during evening hours on someday of the week (because at this point, what day is it anyway?!).

Here are a couple of the links that I tune into frequently for inspiration:

If you need some tunes to listen to, high vibes or low vibes, check out this link for one of our favorite artists; Hulee on Sound Cloud: 

He also created some playlists for different moods featuring other artists. Listen up: 

Hulee Santana "Final Fantasy Saga" Cover Art


If you are making edibles, bath bombs, salves and more at home, check out Ardent's lifestyle kits, accessories, and technology to help you take your DIY botanical products to a higher level.

The Ardent website features plenty of great blog posts, from recipes to research about activated THC and CBD material. *There are plenty of "Master" Youtubers, but trust me when I tell you:


Check it out : 

A little bit of bud in the Ardent Nova


You can expect that I will be sharing stories of inspiration, products and brands I love; and beyond. Really, what I want is for this blog to be about the people, as our mission has always been about the people and positivity.

I encourage you to keep your head up, PUT YOUR BEST FOOT FORWARD, in order to get through all of this. 

So, for now, I am saying see ya later (literally over a virtual session or something); and thank you for checking in on our website. 

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If you would like to share inspiration through the High Beautiful, People platform; email me today! info [at] 

Peace & Love,

Eve Marie

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  • I found this website very refreshing and inspiring, found positive vibes all around. I love the stories and of course the links where I can go to listen to positive vibes music through the links, the inspirational message from Eve Marie. The products are amazingly useful in everyday life. Overall love the website. Good work guys.


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