Edibles & Topicals, Activated Right!

Do you or someone you know create or consume cannabis or hemp edibles?!

If yes, you've got to get hip about Ardent's LATEST ALL-IN-ONE KITCHEN TOOL, the Ardent Flex, the device that empowers you to decarb, infuse and bake/cook !

Ardent continues to lead and innovate the way we are able to fully ACTIVATE (DECARB) our cannabis/hemp so that our bodies get the full benefits of cannabinoids through consumables or topicals.


If you've been following Ardent's Decarb Journey you know that there is a device called the Nova, we now refer to her as the OG NOVA because she blessed all of us with precision, and confidence first, as it relates to making potent cannabis/hemp products. Let's also take a second to acknowledge the sleek, chic Ardent purple that adds style to the whole process!

Now, Ardent is offering us an upgrade, the Ardent Flex, the SHINY Ardent Purple device that will make your kitchen counter look great! Over here, we have fully embraced her, even naming her FLEXI because she is always ready to go, and very FLEXible about the places where we put her to work.

The beauty of the Ardent Flex (that you will be seeing us refer to as 'Flexi'), is that there is so much more functionality. It fits 4x MORE material inside (up to 4oz of flower material), there are 2 decarb settings, one for CBD (A2) and another for THC (A1), an INFUSE setting and BAKE setting. Each setting is controlled by sensors to ensure temperatures that will not destroy cannabinoids. SAY WHAT!?! Yes, you heard right: NO MORE DESTRUCTION OF YOUR PRECIOUS BUDS AND OILS!

From the start, the inspiration behind this technology is simple, to help patients and adult consumers to get the most out of their cannabis.

Creating edible or topical products that are effective could be challenging on many different levels; but activation, precision and discretion is where Ardent tech really serves us all. The inner cover is designed to keep odors in, because if you've ever tried decarbing in your oven, it gets really smelly in the space you're in (believe it or not, people don't love that smell as much as we do! Crazy, right?!). When you adopt Ardent tech, you can have confidence that proper research is done with you in mind. You can also find some of that research on their website HERE.

Here's How Easy it is the use Ardent Tech:

Step 1: Choose what material you want to activate 

Step 2: Determine which setting you need to use (A1 for optimal THC activation; A2 for optimal CBD activation; & if you're using the OG NOVA just press the power button and let her work!)

Step 3. Push the power button, and allow the device to do the do!

When the cycle is complete:

1. If using Ardent Flex, you will see power light blinking to indicate that the cycle is completing and device is cooling down. Light will be green (not blinking) when device is ready to be uncovered and material removed or for next cycle to begin.

2. If using OG Ardent Nova, when the cycle is complete the power light will go from RED to GREEN to indicate that the decarb cycle is complete. 

* For either device, use cautious when handling HOT materials and inner accessories (cup, cover, inner walls of device etc). 




Something that the people on our team have done is put coconut oil, olive oil, or butter, right inside of the device once the decarb cycle is complete.

Step 1: Insert your preferred infusables (butter, ghee, coconut oil, MCT oil, olive oil, shea butter, mango butter etc)

Step 2: Select Infuse mode

Step 3: Push the Power Button to begin the Infusion Cycle



Tired of cheese cloths, strainers and messes?! We thought so!




YES! IT'S THAT EASY! No experience is required, and believe us when we tell you that the Ardent Owners community is growing and going strong: sharing techniques, recipes and our experience with this, "life-changing," (as many have described it) technology.

To learn more about what to do with your decarbed and infused materials, stay tuned as we share what we do with ours! You can also visit Ardent's platform and discover research that you can easily understand and apply to your cannabinoid routine.

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