Music uplifts, Music helps me feel

I want to take a moment to give thanks to the artists (of all mediums), and especially to the musicians creating experiences for us all during this time at home. 

These are some of the links and videos that I've been streaming (sometimes on repeat) during this time.

We hope you can draw inspiration from their melodies, harmonies and lyrics. The artist, H.E.R. started a series titled, "Girls With Guitars," and in a recent episode #4, her guest is Sheryl Crow performing LIVE music.

It was Mother's Day yesterday, May 10, 2020; I had a good day because I try to always make the best of every day, working to live my best life: with my beautiful family, changing the world one day at a time... I was able to spend the day with my daughters, and also got our sister brand's labels, and honey dippers neatly tied together, literally. [Definitely won't be using tags for our next batch! TEDIUS]

Somehow, despite getting a few things done [from my week to week to-do list], especially enjoying the day with my babies, I still felt so heavy. I miss being around my family members, I could take a visit to NY and for literally under 48 hours see up to 10 family members, easy. But this pandemic, and control of people gather has really started to take its toll, but I am staying positive, I am using digital platforms as often as my eyes, and attention capacity can handle. I miss my buddies further up North in New England, especially our team at Ardent. I miss the connection of meeting new people and learning why we do what we do, and the start up challenges that Pure Oasis (Boston's First Adult-Use Cannabis Retailer) is currently growing through, while I am not physically in the place, I think about the team and what we are trying to accomplish, not only for the owners of the business, who have blessed us with the opportunities but for the lives we can potential help turn around simply through exposure, mentorship, workforce and business training etc.

I think about all of the people that are currently challenged through mental health, something that's been helping me is the mantra, "It's okay, to not be okay." 

Hearing and feeling for my friends and family impacted by this virus, the healthcare providers, the volunteers, the youth, and the elders  takes a toll. The worry about elders, thinking about underserved members of society, and people with chronic depression. I send prayers out to children, everyday too. There is so much trouble in the world, but in between it all we can tune into  awesome artists spreading positive vibes and uniting through this all.

Check out Hulee Santana's Playlist on SoundCloud HERE


This session, throughout the entire time is such a beautiful vibe. If you're feeling down, have other windows open on the web, no problem, just press play and feel the positive and loving VIBES.

Hosted by H.E.R. featuring singers and songwriters Raquel Castro and Sheryl Crow

 #GirlsWithGuitars #WrongPlaces #Songwriters #Musicians

 Mortimer : "Lightning" 

#MortimerMusic #RastaLove

Jah9 "Note to Self" featuring Chronixx

Jah 9 with messages guided by the Most High, featuring Chronixx . This song is off of Jah 9's recent project: Note to Self.

Blessings to all of the artists that can convey knowledge, share their wisdom, and realize their purpose by creating and sharing music with us. Listen Up and tune in.

#Reggae #Jah9 #Chronixx #NoteToSelf

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